fredag 27 april 2012

Jag kan inte låta bli att dela med mej av detta mail som jag fick härom dagen. Man blir ju så glad!
Och nu har hon beställt både Äppelmos med Vanilj & Kanel, Lingonsylt med Vanilj & Vodka, Blåbär med Citron & Vodka och Äpple med Kardemumma. :-)
Dear Norra,
I was in Stockholm few weeks ago at the skeppsholmen hotel where I have tasted your amazing  apple, vanilla and cinnamon pure, and I instantly fell in love with! The hotel kindly sold one jar to me....but it is almost finished now and I was wondering if you might be able to send few jars to London? Perhaps I could also try some other products of yours.....
I am really looking forward to hear from you soon
With kind regards
Ps thanks for making such a good makes my breakfasts special.... 

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